Alica Viedlerova
Alica ViedlerovaSlovakia

My name is Alica. I first encountered dog sports 6 years ago. I was immediately interested in this beautiful sport and I wanted to try it. I went to trainings a few times and then attended some races, but I had to prioritise other responsibilities (maternal duties). Later, I started doing canicross with my little crossbreed Parson Russell Terrier Asty. I have to admit that since he did not like it that much, I did not enjoy it either 🙂 …

It led me to get a bigger dog, so I decided to buy a German Shorthaired Pointer. This marked the beginning of our adventure with Aran in 2018. While Aran was growing up, I used to borrow an English Pointer from a friend and, in addition to canicross, I tried a scooter and later discovered the charm of bikejoring. I’m not a very good runner and I started to get scared on scooter after a few falls. On the contrary, after a few bike rides, I knew that this would be the right thing for me. When Aran grew up, we started doing bikejoring together and it was amazing! The beginning of our biking career was a bit difficult, as one of Aran’s digits had to be amputated due to a long lasting problem. Our first race season in 2020 was influenced by COVID and it was mainly virtual, since most of the races were cancelled. At the end of the year we could participate in the Slovak Dryland Championships and won the gold medal in women’s bikejoring category. It was an amazing feeling and I enjoy every single bike ride.

It’s a cocktail of feelings: adrenaline, speed, joy and the unbelievable feeling of fulfilment that I am doing something I enjoy so much. I love how happy Aran is before each training, he goes crazy every time he sees the bike and his harness.

This is the main reason why I like this sport so much. Every single race gives us a lot of important experiences and we always learn something new or find out where our weaknesses are and what we need to improve (well, improvement is mainly needed on my side 🙂 ). We are looking forward to the next season together in the Trop harness.