Jürgen Steinhammer
Jürgen SteinhammerAustria
  1. How would you describe yourself in one sentence?
    I’m  a teamplayer, reliable, with passion for dogs and sports.
  2. When did you start with sleddog sports and how?
    I started sleddog sports in 2014. My girlfriend initially signed me up for a workshop with my Australian shepherd Twix. After running canicross with Twix for the first time, I was absolutely fascinated. It is still such an extraordinary experience for me to share my passion with my four-legged friend out in the beautiful nature.
  3. Were you active in any other sport before? Which one?
    Yes, I’ve been mountain-biking since I was 14 years old. I also had seasons in my life when I did speedskating a lot and took part in international competitions (marathon and half-marathon distances). I also completed a few races on road bike, but my favourite sport is still mountain-biking.
  4. Which categories do you compete in and which one is your favourite?
    This is very definitively bikejöring 😊 My ESP Shrek and I especially enjoy flying over the trails as fast as possible.
  5. What kind of race trail do you like the most?
    I love the variety and technical parts. For me it’s not just the race track that’s important, also everything around is important. Friends, nice people, organization and the weather.
  6. How much time do you devote to training?
    This depends on the season. In the warm season I often ride my bike without dog. I also like going to bike parks 😊
    When it gets colder outside I train myself on zwift and spend time training more with my four-legged partners. That can sometimes be 4-5 times a week.
  7. What is your favourite workout routine?
    For me training is based on feeling. Because if I always do the same training or follow strict routines, it gets boring for me. So I love the variety.
  8. Do you have any other hobbies besides mushing?
    Yes, road cycling, mountainbike (also downhill), gardening, riding my old vespa.
  9. What are your biggest successes with your dogs?
    1st Place Irondog 2017, cat. duathlon Rookie Men with Twix
    2nd Place Bikejöring Senior Men (Austrian Masters) with Twix
    1st Place Bikejöring Fitmin Cup 2020 Kuchyna with Shrek
    1st Place Bikejöring Fitmin Cup 2020 Plavecky Stvrtok (with Shrek)
    2nd Place Bikejöring Lab Dog Race 2022 (with Shrek)Plans:
  10. Plans for the future?
    Run many more international races. With travel regulations easing again, this should finally be possible for Shrek and I. It would also be nice to be among the front runners in an international race. And most important plan is of course: health for my dogs and me.