TrOP HABIT collar is made of two layered webbing and is extremely strong as well as highly visible in night time due to the reflective stitching.

TrOP HABIT collar is lined with softshell along its entire length, which increases comfort and does not damage dog’s hair. It has a buckle with an additional guard that enables you to lock the buckle and prevents it from unexpected opening. The neck circumference can be adjusted.

It comes in 2 sizes: M and L. M has smaller d-ring and is recommended for dogs between 13-25 kg, L is for bigger, heavier dogs and has really big O-ring for leash attachment. Please check the neck circumference table below before purchase.

The collar comes in 4 colours with the possibility to buy TrOP HABIT leash in the same design.

  • Trop HABIT collar yellow L close-up
  • Trop HABIT collar orange L close-up
  • Trop HABIT collar and leash yellow
  • ORANGE on lime

  • YELLOW on blue

  • SILVER on black

  • MAGENTA on black

Polypropylene webbing
Polyester softshell

Width 3 cm

Machine washable at 30 °C

SIZENeck circumference
M30-45smaller D-ring, breaking load 320 kg, recommended for dogs 13-25 kg
L40-60bigger O-ring, breaking load 450 kg, recommended for dogs above 22 kg