Sabine Karl
Sabine KarlGermany

I live in the beautiful south of Germany with my husband and three wonderful dogs that enrich our days: Pluto, an abandoned dog from Greece that tumbled into our lives in 2016 as a one year old, PennyLane, a European sled dog girl from Slovenia born in 2019, and the youngest Peppa, a European sled dog girl from CZ born in 2020.

I started with the sled dog sport in 2020 with my first puppy, PennyLane. At first I tried to run canicross with her, but it wasn’t fun for her because I’m to slow. So in 2021 we switched to bikejöring and there we found our passion!

I find this kind of team sport amazing, to feel the power of your dog and melting into a perfect team …. There is no words to describe the feeling, you have to experience it yourself.

It’s a special connection between you and your dog, working as a team. If in a race you think you can’t do it anymore, look ahead and keep going because your dog will always give 110% for you and will never let you down.

We started our first real race season in September 2021:

  • September 2021 – 1st place at Fitmin Cup Slovakia
  • October 2021 – 2nd place at Albcross Trophee (7 days) in Germany
  • October 2021 – 2nd place at Herkules Race in Germany
  • November 2021 – 1st place at Haßberge Open in Germany
  • November 2021 – 6th place at German Championships in Leipa
  • November 2021 – 1st place at Frankonia Open in Germany, first race with the young Peppa

I am very proud of each of my three dogs and every time I see and feel their enthusiasm I know that we are a great team. My dream for the future is to start with both girls in Scooter 2 class.