Trop founders
Neja Trbižan
Neja TrbižanHead of Design
My main goal in dogwear design is dog’s comfort. A dog can appreciate comfort while it couldn’t care less about aesthetics. Another goal is simplicity. The dog is first and foremost an animal and as such feels best in it’s natural form – skin and coat. Everything we put on it is unnatural, something it needs to adjust to, learn not to mind. That’s why I try to make my designs unobtrusive as dog’s second skin. Which brings us to freedom of movement. Dog puts its weight into the harness with its chest and back, I see no need to hinder its hind legs movement. My designs leave dog’s back legs completely free to run in its natural gait.
Patrik Zupanič
Patrik ZupaničHead of Sales
The idea of shorter harness started many years ago which my GSP Buddy that had hip dysplasia. I have decided to strengthen his hind legs with sled sports and was trying to find an ideal harness for him. The dog couldn’t (or wouldn’t) run in all the long harnesses we tried. As soon as the side straps of the harness embraced his hips, he stopped galloping and was only able to go in trot. So we used harnesses like Manmat Long Distance or Manmat Lash Half all his life. He was active in sled sports up to the day he died at the age of 13. That’s when I knew that I want a harness that leaves dog’s hips completely free for all my dogs.
Tropteam members
Patricia Božič
Patricia BožičSlovenia
Elsa Dubois
Elsa DuboisFrance
Sabine Karl
Sabine KarlGermany
Ekaitz Erauskin Landa
Ekaitz Erauskin LandaSpain
Ľubomír Oslanec
Ľubomír OslanecSlovakia
Jürgen Steinhammer
Jürgen SteinhammerAustria
Tilen Strmšek
Tilen StrmšekSlovenia
Iosu Varona
Iosu VaronaSpain