Durable leash for everyday walks with your dog. Its reflective stitches ensure you and your dog are well visible in the dark. It comes in all complementary colours to HABIT and CHOICE collar.

TrOP HABIT leash is made of two layered webbing and is extremely strong. The handle of the leash is lined with softshell for handler’s comfort and better grip. It has reflective stitches running along all length for nighttime walks. It comes in M and L variation. The only difference between M and L size is the size of the snap hook.

Leash length 135 cm, width 2.5 cm.

The leash comes in 4 colour variations and can be matched with TrOP HABIT or CHOICE collar in the same design.

  • Trop HABIT collar and leash set
  • Trop HABIT complementary collar and leash
  • Trop HABIT collar and leash orange
  • ORANGE on lime

  • YELLOW on blue

  • SILVER on black

  • MAGENTA on black

Polypropylene webbing
Polyester softshell

Width 2.5 cm
Lenght 135 cm

Machine washable at 30 °C

SIZENeck circumference
M13-20 kgsmaller snap hook, breaking load 166 kg
L> 20 kgbigger snap hook, breaking load 260 kg