TrOP BACKBONE is an X-back harness for mushing dog sports (canicross, bikejoring, skijoring, scooter) modelled after traditional sled harness but shorter – to enable the dog maximum freedom of motion by leaving the rear end completely free.

Special edition in collab with Canis Lab.

Narrow O-shaped neck opening makes it perfect for narrow and long dogs, while Trop Core fits better on stronger dogs with wider necks. Straps under the neckline intersect at the front of the trachea to ensure a larger surface dog can lean into while pulling, and the pulling force is thus more optimally distributed. There is no pressure on the neck. Straps on the dog’s chest form a triangle that hugs the chest nicely for maximum comfort.

Trop Backbone is extremely light. It is lined everywhere with a layer of quality softshell. The softshell lining is enough to ensure that the harness does not rub the dog, but does not contain an additional unnecessary padding that would make the whole harness bulky. This enables the harness to lie on the dog most naturally and unobtrusively, and the welcome side effect of everything is that it dries very quickly. It is washable and easy to maintain. Stitches on the webbing reflect the light and make the dog very noticeable in the dark.

Black and yellow colour variant of Backbone harness is special edition in collaboration with Canis Lab.

Professional nutrition for dogs developed by the joint forces of experts, athletes and veterinarians.
For a healthy sport with a dog.
– Canis Lab

NOTICE: Please note that the shipping of Backbone Canis Lab may take one week longer than usual, because we are not keeping a large stock of the Special Edition.

Black with yellow

Polypropylene webbing
Polyester softshell

Machine washable at 30 °C

SIZENeck circumference
Weight of the dog
(only serves as an estimate)
XS368-13 kg
S3913-16 kg
S/M4216-20 kg
M4520-25 kg
M/L4825-30 kg
L5130-35 kg