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Mantrailing and tracking harness with wider V-shaped neck opening. Softly padded with fast drying softshell and highly visible in the dark due to reflective stitching.

TrOP SNOOP harness is designed especially for mantrailing and tracking. The neck opening is wide enough and shaped in a way that does not restrict the dog’s breathing when its head is lowered to the ground while leaving the shoulder blades and shoulder joints free. The harness is a bit longer than a day-to-day harnesses and constructed in a way that distributes the dog’s pulling force optimally, not influencing the dog’s movement during trailing.

The connection point for the long line is padded and the whole harness is lined with soft-shell to ensure there there is no rubbing against the skin. The buckles have an additional lock for safety. Reflective stitches along whole length give high-visibility. It’s easy to put on, adjustable around the ribcage and comes in 8 different sizes and 2 colours – magenta and petrol.

  • petrol

  • magenta

Polypropylene webbing
Polyester softshell

Machine washable at 30 °C

SIZE Neck circumference
Weight of the dog
(only serves as an estimate)
XS 42 8-13 kg
S 45 13-16 kg
S/M 48 16-20 kg
M 51 20-25 kg
M/L 54 25-30 kg
L 57 30-35 kg
L/XL 60 35-40kg
XL 63 40-48 kg



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