This open-back harness is shorter than traditional x-back and very easy to put on the dog. It’s suitable for all dog pulling sports such as canicross, bikejoring, scootering etc. It doesn’t lay too loosely on the dog even if the dog is off leash which makes it suitable for dogtrekking and trail-running too.

TrOP CORE, being shorter, does not burden the spine and leaves the dog’s rear end free, ensuring maximum freedom of motion and natural gait. The neck opening is quite low so the point of pressure lies lower and does not hinder the dog’s respiratory tract in any way, optimising the pulling strength. Straps on the dog’s chest form a triangle that hugs the chest nicely for maximum comfort and ensures that the pulling force is distributed correctly.

The harness is made of high quality materials. The straps consist of two layers of webbing, making the harness extremely strong. Due to the reflective stitches it reflects light and allows good visibility of the dog in the dark. The material that comes into contact with dog‘s coat is softshell, which ensures dog’s comfort, does not destroy dog’s hair, is washable and dries quickly.

  • Trop CORE harness in action
  • Trop CORE canicross harness
  • Trop CORE harness - doghiking
  • Trop CORE pulling harness
  • ORANGE on lime

  • YELLOW on blue

  • SILVER on black

  • MAGENTA on black

Polypropylene webbing
Polyester softshell

Machine washable at 30 °C

SIZENeck circumference
Weight of the dog
(only serves as an estimate)
XS428-13 kg
S4513-16 kg
S/M4816-20 kg
M5120-25 kg
M/L5425-30 kg
L5730-35 kg
XL6340-48 kg