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Elastic bungee leash for mushing sports like canicross, bikejoring, skiijoring or dogtrekking – any activity with your dog where you need a shock absorbing leash.

TrOP LIFELINE LEASH  has a stretch-webbing part that acts as a shock absorber of dog’s pulling force. There are two handles, the standard one at the end and an additional one in front that gives you more control when needed – you can quickly shorten the leash and restrain your dog. The leash has a heavy-duty snap hook and can also be used as an anti-pull leash for energetic dogs since the elastic part absorbs sudden jolts and makes your walks more comfortable.

LIFELINE DOUBLE LEASH is an Y-leash made to hold two dogs simultaneously. It is intended for canicross, skijoring, bikejoring and dogtrekking with two dogs. The leash has a stretch-webbing part that acts as a shock absorber of dog’s pulling force and two 75 cm arms with heavy-duty snap hooks. It is made of sturdy material and durable hardware to ensure you will enjoy it for a long time. Lenght 2.8 meters fully extended.

The  leash is available in three variations:

  • LIFELINE SHORT LEASH – 2 meters fully extended, ideal for hikes and running (canicross).

  • LIFELINE LONG LEASH – 2.8 meters fully extended, for bicycling (bikejoring), scootering and skijoring.

  • LIFELINE DOUBLE LEASH – 2.8 meters fully extended, Y-leash for bicycling (bikejoring), scootering and skijoring with 2 dogs.

The clip for attaching the leash to a running belt is not included, you can get the carabiner here.

  • Trop LIFELINE bungee leash for canicross
  • Trop BASE hiking harness
  • Trop LIFELINE bungee leash with additional handle

Polyester webbing
Bungee elastic part

Machine washing at 30 °C